Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Dolls Recommend - Our Brush Must Haves Part 1 - Face & Cheeks

Your makeup application is only as good as the tools you use to apply the products, yes this is true! Countless dollars can be spent on sparkling eye shadows, rosy blushes and shiny lip glosses but if the proper tools aren't used, your results will always be lack luster. Specific brushes are created for specific applications, a concealer brush serves a different purpose than a blush brush and are selected to be optimal for their specific job. 

Think of quality brushes as an investment that when well taken care of, will last for years.  Start by buying one or two and before you know it, you will have a brush collection that will be the envy of any professional makeup artist! 

Here are The Makeup Dolls picks for basic face and cheek must have brushes for your collection...eyes and lips to follow...

Concealer brush: The Balm $8.00
This synthetic brushes slightly tapered shape makes it easy to apply the proper amount of product under the eye area from the inner corner to out. The price is right on this brush ;) 
*Tip: Non real hair brushes, or synthetic materials, are always  for concealing and foundation brushes because they propel the product onto the skin. 

Foundation Brush: Bobbi Brown $35.00
Incredibly soft bristles that sweep right across the face leaving a natural finish with virtually no streaks! Using a foundation brush saves on product, using less when compared to a sponge that soaks up product. 
*Tip: A little blending with the finger tips around the nose and under eye area achieves a flawless finish.

Powder Brush: Stila #24 Double sided Illuminating Powder Brush $50.00
This double ended natural hair powder brush is designed flat to lay powder onto the skin, controlling the amount that is applied. The smaller angled tip is the perfect fit to set under eye concealer, the larger side for everywhere else. 
*Tip: This brush also happens to be The Dolls favorite blush brush! Use the larger side for blush and the smaller side for powder highlighter.  

Blush Brush Angled: MAC #168 $32.00
This brush has a large angled tip which is perfect for a contour blush application. The brush is soft but firm enough to deposit the proper amount of color. 
*Tip: Use a light hand when contouring on the cheek and build color. 

Bronzer Brush: Laura Mercier $45.00
A full, round brush head distributes product in a smooth even finish and deposits just the right amount of color. The short handles feels comfortable in the hand. 
*Tip: Run this brush along the hair line, bridge of the nose, high cheek bones and chin for a sun kissed look. 

Stay tuned for our next brush must have's for eyes and lips!
The Dolls

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