Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Dolls Recommend - Our Brush Must Haves Part 1 - Face & Cheeks

Your makeup application is only as good as the tools you use to apply the products, yes this is true! Countless dollars can be spent on sparkling eye shadows, rosy blushes and shiny lip glosses but if the proper tools aren't used, your results will always be lack luster. Specific brushes are created for specific applications, a concealer brush serves a different purpose than a blush brush and are selected to be optimal for their specific job. 

Think of quality brushes as an investment that when well taken care of, will last for years.  Start by buying one or two and before you know it, you will have a brush collection that will be the envy of any professional makeup artist! 

Here are The Makeup Dolls picks for basic face and cheek must have brushes for your collection...eyes and lips to follow...

Concealer brush: The Balm $8.00
This synthetic brushes slightly tapered shape makes it easy to apply the proper amount of product under the eye area from the inner corner to out. The price is right on this brush ;) 
*Tip: Non real hair brushes, or synthetic materials, are always  for concealing and foundation brushes because they propel the product onto the skin. 

Foundation Brush: Bobbi Brown $35.00
Incredibly soft bristles that sweep right across the face leaving a natural finish with virtually no streaks! Using a foundation brush saves on product, using less when compared to a sponge that soaks up product. 
*Tip: A little blending with the finger tips around the nose and under eye area achieves a flawless finish.

Powder Brush: Stila #24 Double sided Illuminating Powder Brush $50.00
This double ended natural hair powder brush is designed flat to lay powder onto the skin, controlling the amount that is applied. The smaller angled tip is the perfect fit to set under eye concealer, the larger side for everywhere else. 
*Tip: This brush also happens to be The Dolls favorite blush brush! Use the larger side for blush and the smaller side for powder highlighter.  

Blush Brush Angled: MAC #168 $32.00
This brush has a large angled tip which is perfect for a contour blush application. The brush is soft but firm enough to deposit the proper amount of color. 
*Tip: Use a light hand when contouring on the cheek and build color. 

Bronzer Brush: Laura Mercier $45.00
A full, round brush head distributes product in a smooth even finish and deposits just the right amount of color. The short handles feels comfortable in the hand. 
*Tip: Run this brush along the hair line, bridge of the nose, high cheek bones and chin for a sun kissed look. 

Stay tuned for our next brush must have's for eyes and lips!
The Dolls

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ask The Dolls - How to fake high cheekbones?

A new "Ask The Dolls" question from our Facebook fan page: 
"Hey dolls! What trick can a girl like myself, who has a round face, use to get those fabulous cheekbones like the ones you beautiful dolls were born with? Is there any makeup trick I can use to 'fake' fabulous cheekbones?"

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were all genetically blessed with high cheekbones? Unfortunately most of us aren't, The Makeup Dolls included, but there are a few things that you can use to fake your way to your own set of fabulous cheek bones! 

The trick is in well placed bronzer and highlighters and it is a lot easier to accomplish then you may think. Here's a how to with one of our favorite products for just this job:
10 Bronzer and Highlighter duo from Benefit does it all in just one sweep! There is also a step by step lesson included with the packaging. Swipe the brush down the center of the dual sided power and apply the pink atop your cheekbone and the bronze below. 

The Dolls

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fabulous Finds - Tarina Tarantino Gloss

What is one thing that we can apply that instantly transforms our look? Lip Gloss! It's the secret to making our pouts luscious, shiny and glamorous!

One of our new favorite lines is Tarina Tarantino exclusively at Sephora. The Gem Gloss glides across lips with encapsulated moisturizers keeps them soft and shiny. There are 13 colors to choose from; vivid, soft or vibrant tones to enhance you pucker perfectly.

An added bonus? Within the formula, there is an exfoliating ingredient to promote cell turnover to keep you lips soft! Now that's what we call double-duty beauty!

The Dolls

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ask The Dolls - Makeup or hair first for my big day?

The question of whether to have makeup or hair done first is one of the most frequently asked ones by our brides. Hair and makeup vendors are booked and now it’s time to schedule your big day timeline...what to do? 

The answer is simple, if given the choice, always schedule hair first. Hairspray, gels, and liquids used to style your hair may accidentally end up on your face when they are being applied and potentially ruin that perfectly powdered face. Heat is another factor for hairdryers, curling irons, etc that can fade even the most perfectly applied makeup.

The ultimate advantage though, the freshest face, cheeks and lips possible when makeup is done right before a bride slips into her dress. The result perfectly polished face and lips ready to go for that first kiss!
The Dolls

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ask The Makeup Dolls - Red Lips? What's a girl to choose?

We received an Ask The Dolls question on our Facebook Fan Page from Lara. It reads:

"Make up dolls, please help me! I love red lipstick but I always think I look like a tranny when I try to wear it. Any tips to help me?" - Lara

Now we doubt anything could make Lara look less than stunning, but the wrong red lipstick choice can certainly be overwhelming on the face to say the least. The good news is that everyone can wear red lips it's just a matter of choosing the right undertone. Here are some selection tips based on your coloring:

Reds are divided into two categories, warm and cool. Cool are blue-based shades (think cranberries or red wine) and tend to flatter women with pinker, rosier skin tones. 
Warm are orange-based shades (think brick red). These reds look better on women whose skin has golden, peach or tan tones.

Here are some other considerations based on skin tone:

For dark beige and bronze skin: Choose a deep cool red lipstick with a burgundy tone like Nars Viridiana.
For ivory and light beige: Choose a cool, true red. However, if you have a very fair complexion, look for a red with a pink tint to it like Smashbox Legendary.
For pale skin & red hair: Avoid blue reds and choose colors with warm undertones like terracotta reds or deep brick reds which complement skin and hair like Nars Shanghai Express. 
Medium skin, mid-brown hair: Avoid tomato reds and choose cool reds such as berry reds or deep raspberry like Too Faced Drop Dead Red.
Fair skin, blonde to brown hair: Avoid terracotta reds if you have mostly pink undertones choose true blue-red lipsticks like Givenchy's Rouge Interdit, limited edition at Sephora. 

Hope this answers the age old question of which red to wear. We are always here to answer any and all of your beauty questions so feel free to post on Facebook or email us at info@themakeupdolls.com.

The Dolls

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dolls Recommend - Twigs & Honey

The Makeup Dolls have long been fans of Twigs & Honey and Myra Callan, a  Salem-Portland, Oregon based hair adornment company. Visiting her site and online store on Etsy is a must if you are looking for that special little something for your special occasion! 

We have a special love for Myra's boutonnieres and the tag line "The ladies shouldn't be the only ones getting special treatment". Wouldn't a fabric boutonniere be the perfect keepsake of your wedding day? Here's a peek of a few of the many options....

Smashing right? See more by visiting the Twigs & Honey site or Etsy shop to make a purchase.
www.twigsandhoney.com or http://www.etsy.com/shop/myrakim

About... "The Twigs & Honey line features hair adornments, headbands, birdcage veils, traditional veils, bridal jewelry, belts, boutonnieres, ring pillows, hats, shrugs, bouquets, corsages, and more! The line uses fine silks, feathers, laces, and vintage bits that result in completely unique adornments."

The Dolls

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fabulous Finds - Too Faced Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

Who doesn't want to look gorgeous anytime of the day? With our all time favorite palette from Too Faced Cosmetics, that can be achieved! This kit is filled with 9 shadows that are all in the 'naturals' color family and that is a recipe for success! It also includes 3 how-to tips on application so it makes it easy for anyone to get the look they want without all the guesswork. 
The Makeup Dolls use this palette on brides, engagement photos and on ourselves in everyday life. Whether you want matte or shimmer or even a lot of glamour for a night out, this kit with deliver success to your fingertips!

Buy it in store or online at Sephora! You will love this palette as much as we do! 

The Dolls

p.s. There is also a smoky eye palette you will love!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fabulous Finds - Creamsheen Glass by MAC

The Dolls are loving the newly relaunched Creamsheen Glass by MAC in the Too Fabulous collection! It's not very often that we come across a lip gloss that surprises us in it's uniqueness! These lip glasses have an opaqueness to them, a creamy consistency in look and feel that set them apart from all of the transparent glosses on the market. Even better? They are soft on the lips, not sticky and can be worn alone or on top of lipstick. They come in 9 stylish shades. 
The Dolls

Friday, March 12, 2010

Engagement Photos - Jaime & Maurico

*click photo for more detail*
A sneak peak at the simply amazing engagement photo session of Jaime and Maurico, hair and makeup by Violet of The Makeup Dolls, of course and photography by the sublimely talented Laura Kudritzki!  Please be sure to visit Laura's website to view more of her work www.laurakudritzki.com and dream of pretty photos on your pillow tonight! More photos to come....

The Dolls

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2010 Oscar Review

The Hollywood starlets came out to the Oscar's with a plethora of looks that kept us glued to the TV! Some of our favorite looks of the evening were Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez and Miley Cyrus.

Cameron took it back with a nod to old Hollywood glamour with the gold glitzy gown and flowing locks pushed to one side a la Veronica Lake. Her makeup look was simple with black rimmed eyes, glowing skin and a spicy red lip. Rimming your eyes with black liner really makes them pop!

SJP wore an eye-catching Chanel  and accentuated her sultry lemon and silver gown with smoky lined eyes, sculpted cheeks and a nude-honey colored pout. Her hair, (yes the front was meant to be a "messy" unstructured up do), but we hoped she would have smoothed it a bit. The back, however, was lovely with a large, show stopping bun. 

Jennifer Lopez looked gorgeous in a Armani Prive ballet pink gown that showed off those famous curves. She used steel grey shadow to play up her eyes and even added white liner to the inner rim to open her eyes up. A subtle rose tone blush and lip completed the look. Her dress was such a statement maker that her makeup palette was more subdued than usual.

Miley Cyrus looked glowing in gold and her makeup and hair were flawless! We loved her smokey peach and brown shadows that were seamlessly blended. Adding a smoky brown underneath the eye made her blue eyes stand out (a great trip for you blue eyed gals). Her lip and cheek were a creamy peach hue that worked great with her skin tone. As for her coif, a natural up do was created with volume on the crown with a bit of wave to it. It looked soft and effortless which is what we love at dolls!!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Fabulous Finds - Anthropologie Bridal Gowns

Not at all makeup or hair related but....Bridal gowns from the designers of Anthropologie!?!?!? The Makeup Dolls can hardly wait to create beautiful looks for these dresses. Launching Spring 2011!
Here is a link to the article: http://www.stylecaster.com/news/7763/anthropologie-fashion-brand-to-launch-wedding-dresses

The Dolls

Friday, March 5, 2010

Makeup Doll Tips and Tricks - Why the white face?

We recently had a concerned future Makeup Dolls June bride, who was a bridesmaid in her friends wedding and had her makeup done by another artist and wondered why her face was so white in the photos? This may have been due to a simple ingredient in the foundation used - SPF. 

While SPF does wonders for our skin, it wreaks havoc on our complexions in flash photography due to it's reflective nature. How do you stop from becoming the washed-out, pasty version of your beautiful self? Purchase a foundation without SPF and apply your sun protection after your moisturizer (or buy a moisturizer with SPF in it for ease), allow to fully dry and apply foundation. 

Viola, pale face no more! Below are just a few of our favorite "non-SPF" foundations:


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Doll favorites - Bridal Head Bands!

Headbands are the perfect alternative to tiaras, hair combs and flowers! They are super chic, modern and very up to the minute. The Dolls can certainly see wearing any of these after the wedding day too or to doll up any of us pre or post brides ;). 

Here are a few of our favorite picks from around the web. There are so many options though, you are sure to find that something just right for your taste bridal or otherwise!
We really do drool over Bando! So many pieces to choose from! http://www.shopbando.com/
Visit SIBO's shop on Etsy for some simply stunning pieces:
How about a little something blue from Lo Boheme! She's a brillant artist! Visit Lauren's shop on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LoBoheme

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Dolls Recommend - Tinted Moisturizing Lotions

The Dolls love the glow of a tan but we want it without the damage of sunbathing! So what do we use to create that "just got back from the islands" look are these two easy to use products?
DuWop Revolution is a creamy tinted moisturizing lotion with SPF that evens out complexions and adds a bronze look to any part you wish! It also dries fast and makes your skin look dewy at the same time! It comes in 2 colors and is available at Sephora.

Scott Barnes Body Bling is another must have for any glam dolls night out! This product imparts a shimmer and bronze glow on your skin that dries fast, evens out your complexion and leaves you looking like a goddess ready for a night on the town! This also comes in two colors, the original Body Bling is bronze and Platinum is an icy shade that gives you that illuminating aura without bronzing.

As a tip, we usually like to use the DuWop Revolution in the day and Body Bling in the evenings!
Violet, Doll Extraordinaire


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