Monday, April 19, 2010

Ask The Makeup Dolls - Lip it necessary?

We recently received this question on our Facebook Fan Page: 

"Hey dolls! What's the deal with exfoliating your lips? Is this really necessary? What products do you recommend? I've read about this 2 times this week."

The answer to the question is that yes, it is important to care for your puckers and there are a few options to smooth the delicate skin of your lips.

First there is a wonderful product from Smashbox that contains poppy-seed and sugar granules to sweetly exfoliate dead skin cells off your lip area. 

Or you can go another route by having an extra tooth brush and applying Vaseline to the brush and proceed to move in a circular motion to slough off the dryness to reveal smooth, soft lips! Your lip gloss will thank you!!!

The Dolls

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