Friday, June 18, 2010

Ask The Dolls - Brush Cleaner

We received this question on our Facebook fan page:
"Hi Dolls! What do you gals recommend I use to wash my makeup brushes? Any favorite cleaners or at-home solutions?"

What a great question! Brush washing is important for a few reasons. Dirty brushes can harbor dirt and bacteria, as well as, affect the application of your products. Cleaning brushes will also help to prolong their life and protect  your investment. 

One of the least expensive solutions is to use a drug store face wash to clean your brushes, just choose one that doesn't have a lot of fragrance. Another solution is to use your shampoo, again making sure it doesn't have a lot of fragrance.  

Below are a few of our favorites for purchase if you would like a cleanser specifically made for brushes. Simply work a small amount of the product onto a damp brush head, rinse completely and lay flat to dry.

MAC Brush Cleaner $11.00 at department stores or free standing MAC boutiques.

Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaner $16.50 at department stores 

The Dolls

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