Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Dolls Recommend - T-Zone Mattifiers

What to do about a shiny T-Zone?!?!?!  Foundation and powder go on in the morning, beautiful right? Then half way through the day your makeup is all but gone and you are left with a shiny, oily nose and forehead. 
For gals with an oily T-Zone this is a daily battle but there is a solution....a product that can be applied to the skin under foundation and powder to give a matte finish that will last all the day long. Here are our favorite picks:

Clinique - Pore Minimizer T-Zone Shine Control $14.50
This product creates a matte look over the T-zone area while minimizing the look of pores. It leaves a velvety-soft natural finish, under or over makeup.
Smashbox - Anti Shine $27.00
Designed to hold up under hot studio lights so imagine how well it works for daily wear. This gel to powder formula has a cool feeling when you apply, quite refreshing!
Origins - Zero Oil $12.00
Apply under makeup for ultimate matte finish or use over makeup for a quick touch up during the day. Ingredients include oil-foiling Silicates, astringent Winterbloom, plus calming Chinese Camphor.

The Dolls

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