Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We dolls just love a wavy look on our tresses! You ask, "How do all the celebs get their hair like that"? Well there is an amazing curling iron that makes it so easy to achieve!  With the Enzo Milano Clipless Iron, basically you wrap the hair around the iron barrel instead of clamping it as with a conventional curling iron. 

On Enzo Milano's site, there are tutorials on how to achieve this glamorous look. All you need is the iron, a great medium hold with shine hairspray (we love Bumble&Bumble Spray De Mode) and a boar bristle brush. Once you have curled your hair, give it a good spray, brush softly and voila! There are many versitile looks that you can create with this tool and that's why we give it the Dolls stamp of approval!

The Dolls


  1. Which one do you recommend off of the Enzo Milano site? I notice they have several to choose from. I have very thick hair so hopefully one of them will work for me. :)

  2. Great question Julie!

    The one we love to use is the 25mm conico. It gives large waves, as well as, small ones depending on the amount of hair you wrap around the coil. Holding it horizontally will give you that Veronica Lake thorwback look and a verticle position will give your hair a more tradional wave.



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