Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Dolls Recommend - Dr. Perricone Super Products

There is a buzz lately about the power of coconuts! Maybe you have seen celebs drinking Coconut Water or you've heard of how beneficial the fruit is. Well there are some new products on the market that deliver the nutrients and benefits without the difficulties of prying that thing open! 

Dr. Perricone, known for his skincare and Perricone Diet, has come out with a new skincare line that uses infuses super foods into the products. The first is Super Hydrator with Coconut Water which promises to hydrate your skin leaving it smelling wonderfully sweet and moisturized at the same time without being greasy. The other is Super Lush Lips, which has Coconut Oil to deeply hydrate and smooth the lip area, getting your puckers ready for the winter season. 

These products are a Sephora Exclusive and are at an affordable price point so all of us dolls can look our best! Click here to be taken to their site. 
The Dolls

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