Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cosmetic Gimmicks - What do you think?

I recently tried Smashbox's mascara, Lash DNA as a free sample from Sephora. When I pulled the mascara wand out of the tube I couldn't help but laugh a little. This is where the gimmick comes in. The mascara is called Lash DNA and the wand is shaped like a double helix...get it? How does a double helix wand make the mascara easier to apply or lend for a superior application? I used it and didn't notice a bit of difference than if the mascara was on a regular wand. 

I started to think of other products that I thought has a touch of the gimmick factor. Stila's One Step Correct also has a helix swirl of different colored products that are supposed to do different things like green for correction, etc. Once applied they all blend together!

What products have you come across that you felt were a bit gimmicky? Ironic that both of mine have double helix's in them :) 


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