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False Eyelashes - How do I remove them?

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Violet and I do so many lash applications, so much so that we include them in all of our makeup services, that we forget that not everyone wears them, has worn them before or tried to take them off. Here are some quick removal tips if you find yourself waking up the next morning with a set of faux lashes on your lids and you don't know what to do to get them off. 

How to remove false eyelashes 

How do you remove false lashes without losing your real lashes? Here are some tips for removing those false lashes:

1. Never remove it by tugging. Chances are, you might pull off some of your real lashes as well, and this can become very tragic! Go gentle on those false eye lashes and handle them as though they could be real.
2. Start by dabbing false eyelash remover on your lash line with a cotton swab. You can gently tap the swab at the base in order to loosen out the eyelash glue. Start applying from the outer edge inwards. You may use some eye makeup remover as an alternative. It would also be good to let it soak for a few seconds in order to soften the adhesive glue. (Do not leave it out too long as it will dry out eventually.)
3. After making sure that it has fully softened, take one corner of the lash band (for full fake eyelashes) and gently pull off the eye lashes. For individual false eye lashes, it is best to use a good pair of tweezers for more precision when pulling.
4. Remove all possible traces of eyelash glue by dabbing some more eyelash remover. Finally, cleanse your eyes and the rest of your makeup with a good make up remover.

Alternatives for Removing False Eye Lashes

Some people find using soap and water to loosen adhesive glue as effective as eyelash removers. Some also soak the area with olive oil or virgin coconut oil to achieve the same glue loosening effect.

Tips for Cleaning and Storing

You can actually reuse your false eye lashes provided that you maintain them and keep them clean at all times. After removing them carefully, soak them in a tiny amount of warm, soapy water to remove the glue, dust particles, as well as false eyelash mascara that you possibly applied. Use tweezers to pull off glue particles. You can also soak them in your eyelash remover solution instead of soapy water. You can use a moustache brush or some other gentle brush for cleaning between those lashes. Afterwards, dry them and store them back in their original container.

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  1. I really enjoyed the tips! I have been using my cleansing oil to help remove my false lashes. The oil helps loosen the glue, making it easier to remove the lashes.


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