Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ask The Dolls - How to choose a bridal look

The Makeup Dolls are often asked how a bride should go about choosing her bridal look for the big day. Here are a few key things to consider:

1. Theme. What is the theme and/or feeling of the wedding? Is the day very clean and ultra modern? Is it more Old Hollywood and glamorous? Vintage? A preppy, yacht club affair? Whatever it may be, translating it into the bridal beauty look will just reinforce the theme and/or feeling.
2. Dress. A brides dress is probably influenced by the theme and/or feeling and makeup and hair should certainly tie in with both to add to a complete, polished bridal look.
3. Personal Style. Personal style is important to consider. If a bride is interested makeup and hair styles that tend to be more Hollywood glam but the wedding is the picture of modern, why not combine elements from both styles. Choose an up to the minute, very today hair style and pair it with a classic red lip and black cat eye liner.

We ask that our brides bring a few pictures with them to the trial session. We suggest tearing out pictures from magazines of makeup and hairstyles that are of interest and create an inspiration folder. It makes our time with the bride much more productive and we have more time to spend really fine tuning a look just for her.

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