Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bridal Beauty Inspiration Folder - Snipi


In our previous post, The Makeup Dolls suggested creating a beauty inspiration folder of magazine tear outs for hair and makeup to bring to the trial, but how about this idea? Creating an online inspiration folder! With Snipi, you can collect, organize, share and collaborate (with your makeup and hair artist, of course) all of your inspirations!

Using Snipi's tools, you can capture products, photos, videos and other content from virtually anywhere on the web. Snipi automatically gathers information about the snipped item and saves it to your profile on Snipi.com where you can keep it organized for yourself, or create collections that others can contribute to. It's like a virtual, living inspiration board!

But wait there's more! You can share your stream with your fiance, mother or bridesmaids by using a custom URL, or people can subscribe to your stream using RSS. You can also share the items via Facebook, Twitter, or your WordPress blog without leaving the original website where you found the inspiration.

If that's not enough, there is also an iPhone app too and it's free! Feel free to leave a link to your Snipi inspiration board on our blog and inspire us too!

♥ The Dolls

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