Monday, March 22, 2010

Ask The Dolls - Makeup or hair first for my big day?

The question of whether to have makeup or hair done first is one of the most frequently asked ones by our brides. Hair and makeup vendors are booked and now it’s time to schedule your big day timeline...what to do? 

The answer is simple, if given the choice, always schedule hair first. Hairspray, gels, and liquids used to style your hair may accidentally end up on your face when they are being applied and potentially ruin that perfectly powdered face. Heat is another factor for hairdryers, curling irons, etc that can fade even the most perfectly applied makeup.

The ultimate advantage though, the freshest face, cheeks and lips possible when makeup is done right before a bride slips into her dress. The result perfectly polished face and lips ready to go for that first kiss!
The Dolls

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