Friday, March 19, 2010

Ask The Makeup Dolls - Red Lips? What's a girl to choose?

We received an Ask The Dolls question on our Facebook Fan Page from Lara. It reads:

"Make up dolls, please help me! I love red lipstick but I always think I look like a tranny when I try to wear it. Any tips to help me?" - Lara

Now we doubt anything could make Lara look less than stunning, but the wrong red lipstick choice can certainly be overwhelming on the face to say the least. The good news is that everyone can wear red lips it's just a matter of choosing the right undertone. Here are some selection tips based on your coloring:

Reds are divided into two categories, warm and cool. Cool are blue-based shades (think cranberries or red wine) and tend to flatter women with pinker, rosier skin tones. 
Warm are orange-based shades (think brick red). These reds look better on women whose skin has golden, peach or tan tones.

Here are some other considerations based on skin tone:

For dark beige and bronze skin: Choose a deep cool red lipstick with a burgundy tone like Nars Viridiana.
For ivory and light beige: Choose a cool, true red. However, if you have a very fair complexion, look for a red with a pink tint to it like Smashbox Legendary.
For pale skin & red hair: Avoid blue reds and choose colors with warm undertones like terracotta reds or deep brick reds which complement skin and hair like Nars Shanghai Express. 
Medium skin, mid-brown hair: Avoid tomato reds and choose cool reds such as berry reds or deep raspberry like Too Faced Drop Dead Red.
Fair skin, blonde to brown hair: Avoid terracotta reds if you have mostly pink undertones choose true blue-red lipsticks like Givenchy's Rouge Interdit, limited edition at Sephora. 

Hope this answers the age old question of which red to wear. We are always here to answer any and all of your beauty questions so feel free to post on Facebook or email us at

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