Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Nail Collections - Nail Fabulousness!

Another way to show your enthusiasm for the Holidays is on your nails! There are some great new winter collections out there and they will have you holding that egg nog and champagne glass with confidence. 
Chanel always has the most sought after polishes, yes they are pricey but when they come out with exclusive shades, a trip to the counter is a must! The new Soho Collection offers 2 great shades, Steel and Strong. A gunmetal(Steel) and a deep amethyst(Strong) will have your hands and feet looking ultra-glam. 

736.jpgEssie has a few great shades as well, Smokin' Hot(a shiny Taupe) and Luxedo(A deep purple) these two will give you that sleek look youv'e been searching for! 

21SAt7iDiOL__SL250_.jpgAnd if you want to do classic Red, our ultimate color is from OPI, The Thrill of Brazil. This color is perfect for any skin tone. Now all you have to do is book your mani/pedi!

Violet, The Dolls

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