Monday, November 22, 2010

Wedding Day - Lisa

The 2010 Wedding Season just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter as we receive beautiful images from talented photographers like these of Lisa and Tom's Wedding from Elle Jae. We have long been fans of the husband and wife team and you are about to see why. Their work is timeless, they create photos that will spend a lifetime looking good on your mantle, mom and dad's too! Elle Jae has a knack to for making it all look so effortless. Isn't that what a great photo looks like? Effortlessly perfect?

We loved, loved, loved the bride Lisa. Violet and I were lucky to do her hair and makeup for her engagement photos so come the wedding day, we really felt like old friends, cliche but true! Lisa is a brillant woman with a bright sprit. We shared a lot of laughs, I guess that's why it doesn't surprise me that her pictures are filled with laughter and happiness.
Photography: Elle Jae
Hair and Makeup: The Makeup Dolls, of course!

Congrats Lisa and Tom! Lots of love from The Dolls!

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