Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OPI's Burlesque Collection - Glitter & Shine this holiday season!

We Dolls love, love having our nails done. We are nail polish addicts in fact! I can't make it out of MAC or my local beauty supply store without adding yet another polish to my ever growing collection. I also bring my own polish to the salon, they just don't always have the very latest and greatest wouldn't you agree?

I have been waiting, impatiently that is, for OPI's Burlesque collection to be released and ladies, it has! Won't all of these colors be just perfect for the upcoming holiday season! 

I purchased "Bring on the Bling (gold below)" and "Show it and Glow It (purple below)". Both required two, a bit thicker than I would normally do, coats but the results are stunning! I love sparkle and this didn't disappoint! 

I can see it now...perfectly glittery nails holding a glass of bubbly....ah the holidays! 

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