Monday, May 23, 2011

Red Carpet Beauty Review - Billboard Music Awards 2011

Last night was the 2011 Billboard Awards and I had a hard time finding looks that I liked!
Let's start off with the good, my fave was Selena Gomez. 

This cutie showed off her subtle ombre highlighted hair by smoothing it down for the night, which complemented her on trend cut out black gown. I also loved her large circular earrings, I adore anything large on the ears, the bigger the better! Her makeup was right up my alley. She chose to do a soft smoky eye, while adding a shimmer on the lid but used liner and it was smudged with a deep gray, I like Scene from MAC to create that look. Cheeks and Lip were a sweet nude pink which looks great with gray smoky eyes.

I also liked Rhianna's makeup, but not her hair! She chose a candy colored pink lip and cheek. As for her beautiful eyes, they were lined all around but then light shadows were used to add shading. I love either Texture and Malt from MAC to use in the crease without making a dark smokey eye. Using a warmer crease color really makes any eye pop.

My not so favorite look of the night was Fergie. Ladies, this is not the way to do a smoky eye! I like the under eye smudge but she overdoes it with too much black in the crease and not blending it. I get it, it's a look but not one that should be recreated in real life except her cheek and lip and tan...that is a great looking combination. 
xo, Violet

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